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Lab member of the Knaus-group wins „Jeannie Peeper Award“

Nadine Großmann wins Jeannie Peeper Award 2019

Nadine Großmann wins Jeannie Peeper Award 2019

News from Sep 20, 2019

Every year, the International FOP Organization (IFOPA) honors those who make outstanding contributions to the IFOPA’s mission to cure the ultra-rare genetic disease Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP).

This year’s winner in the category “Inspiring Leadership” is Nadine Großmann, a PhD student in the group of Prof. Petra Knaus (FU Berlin). However, Nadine is not only a PhD student doing FOP research, but a FOP patient herself. Moreover, she volunteers at the German FOP association (FOP e.V.) as vice-chair and represents Germany at international meetings of the IFOPA as so-called International President’s Council (IPC).

To read the full article about Nadine please visit https://www.ifopa.org/2019_winners

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