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Herzel Group - RNA dynamics

Prof. Dr. Lydia Herzel

Lydia Herzel

Lydia Herzel

Takustraße 6
Room 123
14195 Berlin

We love to discover how things are tied together, especially in the context of co- and posttranscriptional RNA regulation that is still incompletely understood. We study the dynamics and coordination of mRNA regulation in fungi and bacteria by harnessing the natural transcriptome diversity that we read out with tailored RNA sequencing approaches in combination with RNA and protein biochemistry. With this we gain high resolution, single transcript snapshots of the different stages of gene expression. From there, we perturb the physiology or genetics of the system of interest to explore the impact on gene expression outcome and to reveal consequences of regulation. Overall, our research combines methods from molecular biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics and quantitative biology. Ultimately, we want to understand how fundamental processes of gene regulation are tied in with regulation at the organismal level and pathology to harness such knowledge for biomedicine.