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Dr. Benno Kuropka



Post Doc

LC-ESI-MS / Protein Biochemistry

Thielallee 63
14195 Berlin
kuropka (at) zedat.fu-berlin.de


Benno Kuropka studied Biochemistry at the Freie Universität Berlin. During an internship at Bayer Pharma AG he became interested in the field of protein analytics by mass spectrometry (MS), which was continued by his diploma thesis about different dissociation techniques for peptide analysis. During his PhD studies in the group of Dr. Eberhard Krause (FMP Berlin) and Prof. Dr. Christian Freund (FU Berlin), he focused on the analysis of protein-protein interactions using quantitative proteomics approaches. In his post-doctoral research at the Protein Technologies department at Bayer Pharma AG he developed methods for the analysis of intact protein assemblies and protein-ligand complexes by native mass spectrometry.

Benno joined the AG Freund in 2016 to continue his research in the field of MS-based proteomics with a focus on quantitative proteomics, PTM analysis and intact protein mass analysis.

As part of the Core Facility BioSupraMol, as well as the SFB 958 (Project Z03 - Quantitative proteomics of protein interactomes), he is in charge of two high-resolution LC-ESI-MS instruments, and serves as a contact person for scientists and students that plan to conduct proteomic research projects.


A current publication list of Benno can be found on Pubmed - direct link to PubMed