Dr. Fabian Gerth

Fabian Gerth

Protein Biochemistry

gerth (at) zedat.fu-berlin.de

Fabian was born (1987) and raised in Berlin where he also studied Biotechnology at the TU. Majoring in applied biochemistry he soon got interested in the engineering of proteins and thereupon joined the group of Christian Freund at the FMP as a trainee in 2009. There he first worked on the reengineering of the substrate specificity of the bacterial transpeptidase Sortase A. Later on he changed his topic to the NMR based investigation of neuronal SH3 domain-containing adaptor proteins what was also the topic of his diploma thesis. In January 2012 he continued with this project that is part of the SFB  958 "Scaffolding of Membranes - Molecular Mechanisms and Cellular Functions" as a PhD student at the FU Berlin and received his PhD in January 2017.


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