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MHC Seminar Timetable





17h (CET) 

Miguel Álvaro-Benito 

Genetic and functional diversity of ncHLAII chaperones” 

(Freie Universität Berlin) 

Esteban Arrieta-Bolaños   

HLA-DM in alloreactive responses: perspectives for hematopoietic cell transplantation and cellular therapy” 

(Universitätsklinikum Essen) 

(Christian Freund*) 


17h (CET) 

Christian Freund 

"Catalyzed peptide exchange by HLA-DM and tapasin"

(Freie Universität Berlin) 

Lisa K Denzin 

"HLA-DO/H2-O and the response to chronic viral infections"

(Rutgers University) 

(Miguel Álvaro-Benito*) 


17h (CET) 

Peter Cresswell/Najla Arshad

"Effects of disease-asociated somatic calreticulin mutants on MHC-I-restricted antigen processing"

(Yale University) 

Angela Krackhardt 

 "Neoantigen-specific T-cell responses in cancer - from personalized targets and functional patterns"

(Technische Universität München) 

(Christian Freund) 


17h (CET) 

Sebastian Springer 

"MHC class I conformational flexibility and peptide exchange"

(Jacobs University) 

Martin Zaccharias 

"Studying MHC-molecules with Molecular Dynamics Simulations"

(Technische Universität München) 

(Miguel Álvaro-Benito) 


17h (CET) 

Robert Tampé 


MHC I Quality Control and Supercomplexes in Adaptive Immunity” 

(University of Frankfurt) 

Nik Sgourakis 


Molecular Mechanisms of Peptide Repertoire Editing by MHC-I Chaperones” 

(University of Pennsylvania) 

(Christian Freund) 


17h (CET) 

Brian Baker 

"Structural and physical underpinnings of specificity in T cell antigen recognition"

(University of Notre Dame) 

Pere Santamaría 

"Peptide-MHC-based nanomedicines for the treatment of autoimmunity: engineering and mechanisms"

(Hospital Clinic Barcelona) 

(Miguel Álvaro-Benito) 


17h (CET) 

Anne Halenius 

"Co-evolution of the
cytomegalovirus encoded glycoprotein US11 and MHC-A"  

(Universitätsklinikum Freiburg) 

Tobias Lenz 

"An evolutionary genetics perspective on functional MHC variability  -
Useful concepts or misconceptions?"  

(Univeristät Hamburg) 

(Christian Freund) 


17h (CET)

Debopam Ghosh (Ellizabeth Mellins)

"H2-M-driven MHCII-peptide editing regulates BCR signalosome: Impacts on B cell repertoire"

(Stanford University)

Lawrence J Stern

"T cell cross-reactivity and COVID19" 

(University of Massachusetts Medical School)

(Miguel Álvaro-Benito)


No registration is required and all groups are invited to facilitate the link below to their members, as well as to other researchers that may be interested. Sessions are not recorded and any recording attempt or misconduct in this regard will be considered sufficient to ban the attendance.

All sessions consists of two research talks to be hosted in the following link:


Each talk should be 30 minutes and the Q&A should not extend beyond 15 minutes.