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Claudia Kipar

Claudia Kipar


Technical Assistant

Protein Biochemistry

Thielallee 63
14195 Berlin
claudia.kipar (at) fu-berlin.de

Claudia was born in Berlin. After school she studied pharmaceutics at the FU, but soon she changed her mind and became a trainee as laboratory assistant in chemistry instead. As a trainee she helped to develop some analytical methods for glycans in the lab of Markus Berger, Charité. She took her Examination in 2010 and started her work in the group of Professor Markus Wahl at the FU. During this time, she supported Dr. Gert Weber in his work on the function of Aar2 in the spliceosome. She joined the group of Christian Freund in 2011 as a technician. Currently she is involved in the work on GYF-Proteins and on CD2BP2.