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Networking Day at the Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy

17.05.2022 | 14:00

Short Lectures, Poster Sessions, Summer Party

At the Networking Day you will have the opportunity to meet colleagues from other disciplines and working groups as well as students.

According to the current rules for infection control, registration is not necessary.

  • 2 pm: Three recently appointed professors will present their areas of work in short talk:
          • Prof. Dr. Daniela Mahler (Didactics of Biology): “Those who can, do. Those who understand, teach.“ - Characteristics of successful biology teachers
          • Prof. Dr. Marcel Wiermer (Biochemistry of Plant-Microbe Interactions) “Terrific traffic: nucleocytoplasmic signaling in plant immunity to pathogenic microbes”
          • Prof. Dr. Mitja Remus-Emsermann (Microbiology): “Understanding bacterial life on leaves”
          • Introduction to BCP-program “Artists in Residence“
  • 3 pm: At a subsequent poster session, you can share your research and exchange your ideas in detail. Students looking for a topic for their master or doctoral thesis may find it here.
  • 4 pm: Open air summer party with drinks & food (between back entrance of Arnimallee 22 and Fabeckstraße 34/36)

The event will be held in accordance with then applicable regulations on infection control, about which we will inform you in due time.

Register your poster:

If you would like to contribute a poster for the poster session, please register it here.
If you only want to participate in the event, registration is not necessary.

Zeit & Ort

17.05.2022 | 14:00

Arnimallee 22, Lecture Hall B.001, 14195 Berlin