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Standard Curriculum Plan for the Master’s Degree Program “Biodiversity, Evolution and Ecology”

Regardless of the master´s program (either MSc Biology or MSc Biodiversity, Evolution, and Ecology), the structure of the programmes is the same. In total, 120 credit points have to be achieved. Most of the credit points can be gained from a very broad range of courses (supplementary area). In the first semester, one mandatory module has to be accomplished ("Introduction to Advanced Biology", 15 credit points), which aims to give all students an overview on the research conducted at the Institute of Biology. Towards the end of the studies, there has to be a second mandatory module accomplished ("Research Project", 15 credit points), which can be done in any of the groups working at the institute, as well as in many external research facilities. This module can be conducted in the same group or lab, where the master´s thesis will be done, but can also be independent from the thesis. The thesis (30 credit points) is the last step to fulfill the requirements to achieve the Master´s degree and should be done in the fourth semester. Between the introduction module and the Research Project / Master´s thesis, a total of 60 credit points have to be achieved from freely selectable courses of the supplementary area.

Overview on the structure of the Master´s programmes (Standard Curriculum Plan):


(30 credit points)

"Introduction to Advanced Biology"
(15 credit points)

Modules from the Supplementary Area for a total of 15 credit points

(30 credit points)

Modules from the Supplementary Area
for a total of 30 credit points

(30 credit points)

Modules from the Supplementary Area and/or the Project Area for a total of 15 credit points

"Research Project"
(15 credit points)

(30 credit points)

Master’s thesis, including attendance of a colloquium
(30 credit points)

Specializations and modules to choose:

If you are studying in the Master´s program "Biodiversity, Evolution, and Ecology", you will achieve your degree with exactly this title. However, if you are studying in the Master´s program "Biology", you can choose a specialization according to your interests. After succesfully accomplishing the program, your certificate will note that you have a Master´s degree (MSc) in Biology with specialization on one of the following:

  • Biodiversity, Evolution, and Ecology (yes, this can also be a specialization of the MSc Biology)
  • Genetics and Genomics (starting in October 2024)
  • Microbiology
  • Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • Molecular Plant Sciences
  • Neurobiology and Behaviour

How to achieve one of the specializations?

You have to choose modules / courses which are applicable for the specialization of interest with at least 15 credit points (which is fairly easy). Moreover, you have to conduct your Research Project (15 credit points, third semester) in the area of the specialization. This also applies to your thesis