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Research Group Prof. Rademann

We, the Rademann lab, develop methods for the identification and optimization of protein ligands by fragment ligation assays. In this concept protein-binding small molecules ”fragments” react with each other catalyzed by the protein surface thus forming stronger binding protein ligands. Our methods detect the protein binding of small molecules with especially high sensitivity and at defined site of the protein surface. Aim of these works is the development of bioactive molecules with higher efficiency. The method enables a to understand profoundly, how molecular substructures contribute to protein binding and enhance the latter cooperatively.

The new drug molecules are subsequently used for the structural and functional characterization of proteins, the visualization of molecular interactions in living cells and for the pharmacological validation of of drug targets.

For the purpose, the group combines methods of chemical synthesis with bioanalytic, biochemical, and biophysical techniques.

Our protein targets include pharmacologically relevant proteins for infectious diseases, inflammation and cancer, mainly proteases, phosphatases, protein-protein and protein-carbohydrate interactions.