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Ph.D. Students

M.Sc. Nico Boback

Ph.D. student since 01/2023

Investigates Protein-Protein Interactions with iSCAM, likes to cook and bake

Nico Boback

M.Sc. Robyn Diehn

Ph.D. student since 03/2021

Robyn Diehn

M.Sc. Hussein "Shoresh" Mamkhezri

Ph.D. student since 12/2021

Peptide Electrochemistry, peptide-nanoparticle conjugation, Macro- and Microrheology, Hobby: Hiking

Hussein Mamkhezri

M.Sc. Jolly Thomas

Ph.D. student since 08/2022

2D Human Bronchial Model and antiviral therapies, likes outdoor activities and music

Jolly Thomas

M.Sc. Ling-Fang Wei

Ph.D. student since 04/2019

Thiol quantification method establishment, Fluorescence and colorimetric analysis, HPLC-ESI, Hobby: travel

Ling-Fang Wei