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Course Evaluation

Introduction to the course evaluation

There is no profit for you if you evaluate a course. But it helps to make things better for your followers.

The goal is not to make a course better and better. In this case it should happen at any time that the course cannot be improved any more.

The goal is to keep a course at a good level.

  • Was any content taught too lengthy other content too short?
  • Has any knowledge been required which you did not have?
  • Has it been a new teacher with a little lack in experience?

Since lecturers know "everything" their problem is sometimes to get back a feeling of the knowledge of the students. The evaluation helps to keep contact to the students.

Of course you may also contact the lecturers personally to discuss your problems, but generally people express themselves easier if they are not supervised. This is the starting point for the evaluation.

Our Evaluation is performed with the software "Unizensus" which is provided by the Blubbsoft company. The software provides an online-portal with online forms for the questionaires. To use the forms you need a TOKEN. There are two ways to get a TOKEN:

  • You will get a TOKEN by your lecturer. A TOKEN is a cryptical character string which is a one-time-password for a predifined course. If you type in the TOKEN in the online-portal you should be directed to the proper questionaire of the course. On the other hand you may also find your course by searching the menue in the portal.
  • You will get an e-mail with a TOKEN-link. If you follow the link you will get the proper questionaire with one single click. No additional validation is required. The TOKENlink also works only one time.

When the courses are finished, the lecturers will get a report of the evaluation. It is not possible to get any information which student has given any answer.