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Material Management (MV) Chemistry

The material management of the Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Fabeckstraße 34/ 36 advises and supports working groups, practical courses and service departments in their supply of solvents, chemicals, gases, dry ice, laboratory equipment and office supplies, as well as in the proper disposal of various laboratory waste.

The service of material management

  • Economical purchase and storage of frequently required solvents and chemicals on the one hand, laboratory utensils and office materials on the other hand
  • Distribution of the above-mentioned materials primarily to the chemical areas during fixed opening hours
  • Purchase, provision and dispensation of dry ice to all areas of Freie Universität Berlin
  • Listing and rebooking of financial expenditures made in advance by all using areas
  • Acceptance and proper disposal of laboratory waste such as
  • Solvent waste, halogen-free and halogen-containing

  • Waste operating materials and glass with chemical adhesions

  • Liquid heavy metal waste with and without mercury

  • Solid mercury waste