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Material Management

The material management of the Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy provides the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Fabeckstrasse 34/36 with solvents, chemicals, laboratory equipment and office supplies.

The Service of the Material Management for the Institutes

  • Handling of chemicals orders, acceptance of the supplies and record the delivered container to the electronic hazardous substance and material management system CLAKS
  • Shopping, storage and packaging of frequently used solvents and chemicals to supply the working groups of the Institute
  • Adoption and proper disposal of chemical waste and solvent waste at the sites Takustrasse 3 and Fabeckstrasse 34/36
  • Supply of the practical courses for the study programs with the necessary solvents, chemicals, glassware and general laboratory supplies
  • Supply of the working groups with glassware and general laboratory supplies
  • Distribution of office supplies to the members of the Institutes
  • Key management for the building Fabeckstr. 34-36 and the distribution of transponders