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In case you are interested in a bachelor, master or PhD-project please contact Dr.Lauster by email including a short CV, and the project you are interested in. Available positions are listed below:

Posted: october 1st 2022

PhD-project: We have currently an open PhD fellowship funded by the CRC1449 "Hydrogel Dynamics at Biointerfaces" on virus-mucus interactions to study adaptation and host tropism of the influenza virus.

Master projects: We have currently 2 master projects supervised together with Dr. Katharina Achazi, Dr. Stefanie Wedepohl and Dr. Sumati Bhatia. The overall topic is the relevance of biological sex in influenza virus infection (BioSexSurf). This project is funded by SupraFAB. Candidates with experience in cell culture or those interested in polymer synthesis are invited to apply with a short CV.