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Seminar "Dynamical aspects of theoretical chemistry"

Zeit und Ort

Thursday, 2:15 - 3:45 pm, seminar room B.-131, 1. UG, Arnimallee 22

Date Speaker
09 Apr

Joana-Lysiane Schäfer (FU Berlin): Comparison of variational peptide model

Video conference. Contact Bettina Keller if you want to join.

15-17 Apr

3 - 5 pm

Fireside chat: A gentle introduction to DFT calculations


23 Apr

no seminar

30 Apr

Jan Joswig (FU Berlin):

Paper discussion: Molecular Mechanicsm of the pH-Dependent Calcium Affinity in Langerin

07 May

Lauren Finn (FU Berlin):

Lennard Jones Parameters for Y3+/Ho3+ in Water

14 May

Marco Manni (FU Berlin): Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics

21 May Public Holiday - NO seminar!
28 May Leon Wehrhan (FU Berlin): Interaction of fluorinated BPTI derivates with Serine Proteases
04 Jun Stefanie Kieninger (FU Berlin): Path Probabilities for Langevin Dynamics
11 Jun Luca Donati (FU Berlin) t.b.a.
18 Jun Marius Wenz (FU Berlin) t.b.a.
25 Jun Simon Ghysbrecht (FU Berlin) t.b.a.