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Seminar "Dynamical aspects of theoretical chemistry"

Zeit und Ort:

Thursday, 2:15 - 3:45 pm, Webex seminar

Date Speaker

7. Jan

Mauricio del Razo (FU Berlin, Computational Molecular Biology Group): "Molecular kinetics as hybrid switching diffusions: a general framework for MSM/RD simulation"
13. Jan

PC/TC seminar:

Steffen Danzenbächer (TU Dresden): "Quantenphysik  - Leicht verständlich!" 4 pm on Webex!
14. Jan

Michael von Domaros (Uni of California, Irvine): "Human Skin and its Role in Indoor Air Chemistry - Molecular Dynamics Perspective"Note the shifted time at 4 pm., on Webex!

21. Jan Yuan-Wei Pi (FU Berlin) "Introduction to gmx2qmmm - New and planned features".
27. Jan

PC/TC seminar:

Dr. Jan-Philipp Götze (FU Berlin): "Non-Kasha processes in biological light harvesting antennae: Blue lighttransfer via high energy levels"
28. Jan Simon Petry & Florian Anders (FU Berlin): "Differences in writing a paper and a thesis"
4. Feb Jiasheng Lai & Manish Lohani (FU Berlin): "Master thesis at home - working in times of Corona"
11. Feb Xiya Xia (FU Berlin): "The influence of thermostats on conformational transition rates in MD simulation"
17. Feb

PC/TC seminar: TC online Colloquium Prof. Christiane Koch: "Quantum effects in cold and controlled molecular dynamics" - postponed to summer semester!

18. Feb Stefanie Kieninger (FU Berlin): "Path probability ratios for Langevin dynamics - exact and approximate"
15. Apr Lauren Finn (FU Berlin): "Molecular Simulations of Fluorinated Phosphotyrosine Mimetics"