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Seminar "Dynamical aspects of theoretical chemistry"

Thursday, 2:15 - 3:45 pm

Arnimallee 22,  SR PTC (Raum A.006, EG)

Date Speaker                                                                                               
2 May

Marija Bulatovic (FU Berlin): "Comparative study of dynamic properties of different water models".

Asritha Sundar (FU Berlin): "Model Potentials In The Package KineticsSandbox"

9 May

---- public holiday -----

16 May

Joana-Lysiane Schäfer (FU Berlin): "Implementation of Girsanov reweighting in OpenMM and Deeptime"

Wed, 22 May, 2.15 pm,

room B.-131

Hana Zupan (FU Berlin): "Molgri IV: molecular grids in configuration space"

note the shifted date and place

30 May Lauren Finn (FU Berlin): "Clostridioides Difficile Toxins Unhinged: Allosterically Switchable Network Orients β−flap"
6 June 


Hörsaal B (B.004)

PC/TC seminar


note the shifted time and place

20 June ---- internal seminar -----
27 June

---- Hackathon -----

4 July

Eric Fischer (HU Berlin): "Vibro-Polaritonic Chemistry - Shaping Vibrational Spectroscopy and Chemical Reactivity with Confined Infrared Light"

11 July


Wed, 17 July, 3.00 pm,

room B.-131