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Seminar "Dynamical aspects of theoretical chemistry"

Zeit und Ort

Thursday, 2:15 - 3:45 pm, Webex seminar

Please, contact Julija Djordjevic (julija.djordjevic (at) fu-berlin.de) for the access data of the Webex seminar. 

Date Speaker
17 Sep Lauren Finn (FU Berlin): “Polarizable Force Fields for Biomolecular Simulations”
24 Sep Joppe Schreiber (FU Berlin): "Effects of thermostats on the dynamical properties of model systems"
1 Oct Jan Joswig (FU Berlin): "Density-based clustering using sklearn_extra.cluster.CommonNNClustering"

8 Oct

GRK 2473 Seminar / Online Course "Do research like a munchkin" / no seminar
15 Oct Orga meeting
22 Oct

Joppe Schreiber (FU Berlin): "Effects of the Langevin Thermostat on Measurements of Static and Dynamic Properties"

26 Oct

Leon Wehrhan (FU Berlin): Fluoro substituents in a protein environment: Tightly bound water extends fluorinated side-chain

CRC 1349 colloquium

Note the shifted time and place: Mon, 26. Oct. 2020, 4 pm., Webex (contact the CRC 1349 for the link)

5 Nov Marcus Weber (ZIB): "ISOKANN: Invariant subspaces of Koopman operators learned by a neural network"
12 Nov Luca Donati (FU Berlin): "Markov models from the Square Root Approximation of the Fokker-Planck equation: calculating the grid-dependent flux"
19 Nov Anastasia Tikhonova (ITMO Universtiy, St Petersburg, Russia): "Combined quantum-chemical and knowledge-based approach for prediction of biological membrane permeability"
26 Nov  
3 Dec CRC 1114 days / no seminar
10 Dec Florian Anders (FU Berlin): "Vibronic Spectra of Selected Chlorophylls"
17 Dec X-mas seminar
7. Jan  
13. Jan Steffen Danzenbächer (TU Dresden): "Quantenphysik  - Leicht verständlich!" 4 pm on Webex!
14. Jan Xia Xiya (FU Berlin): tba
18. Jan Stefanie Kieninger (FU Berlin): "Path probability ratios for Langevin dynamics - exact and approximate"
27. Jan Jan Götze (FU Berlin): tba 4 pm on Webex! 
28. Jan ITRG evaluation  / no seminar
4. Feb  
11. Feb  
18. Feb