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Seminar "Dynamical aspects of theoretical chemistry"

Thursday, 2:15 - 3:45 pm, Webex seminar

Date Speaker
15. Apr Lauren Finn (FU Berlin): "Molecular Simulations of Fluorinated Phosphotyrosine Mimetics" - Note the modified starting time at 11 am!
22. Apr Orga meeting
28. Apr

PC/TC Colloquium

Prof. Christiane Koch (FU Berlin): "Quantum effects in cold and controlled molecular dynamics" 

Note the shifted time and place: Wed, 28th Arpil, 4.15 pm, follow the link:


Mittwoch, 28 Apr., 2021 16:00 | 2 Stunden | (UTC+02:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rom, Stockholm, Wien

Meeting-Kennnummer: 121 353 5104

Passwort: WnEzEtSm352

06. May

Simon Ghysbrecht (FU Berlin): "Free energy profiles for thermal isomerisation in Retinal from ab-initio molecular dynamics"

Note the shifted time at 13:00h!

06. May

Recommended workshop:

CECAM Mixed-gen Session 5: Machine Learning

Micheale Cerriotti (EPFL Switzerland) "The thin line between physics and data"

3-7 pm, via Zoom

Work shop details: https://www.cecam.org/workshop-details/1079

13. May -------- public holiday: no seminar --------
20. May Simon Petry (FU Berlin)
27. May Marco Manni (FU Berlin)
03. Jun Marius Wenz (FU Berlin)

10. Jun

Franz Schreiber (FU Berlin)
10. Jun

UniSysCat Colloquium, Karsten Reuter (FHI)

Note the time: 5 pm -  6 pm, place to be announced.

17. Jun Frederick Heinz (FU Berlin)
23. Jun

PC/TC Colloquium

Michael von Domaros (FU Berlin): "Modeling Human Skin Oil Oxidation and its Impact on Indoor Air Chemistry"

Note the time and place to be announced: Wed, 23 June, 4.15 pm!

24. Jun

Luca Donati (FU Berlin)

Yiran Zhang (FU Berlin)

01. Jul Jan Joswig (FU Berlin)
09. Jul -------- buffer --------
15. Jul -------- exams: no seminar --------