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Macromolecular Chemistry II

This block course (LV 21 262 a und -b) is dedicated to polymer synthesis and focuses on fundamental polymerization mechanisms. It is recommended to have attended the course "Macromolecular Chemistry I - Introduction to polymer chemistry" in advance. I personally suggest  "Goerge Odian - Principles of Polymerization" or "Sebastian Koltzenburg, Michael Maskos, Oskar Nuyken - Polymer Chemistry" as text books in addition to lecture notes. The lecture is assisted by a daily tutorial after the lectures from 3:30 to 5 PM.

The lecture is addressing Master students in their first semester of the Polymer Science Program and of course Chemistry students in the Master program.

The lecture and room schedule can be found below as well as daily Exercises for the tutorial.

The course closes with an written exam on Mon. 03.12.2018 from 09-12AM in room 33.02
Exercises can be downloaded here from the webpage.