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Current Weinhart Lab Members

M.Sc. Ahed Almalla


3D-Printing and Ink Development

+49-30-838-68853 or -58212

Ahed Almalla

Diana Borda

Research Intern

Self-assembly on PS and TCPS

+49-30-838-68853 or -58212

B.Sc. Yasmina El-Faramawi

PhD candidate (Chemistry)

Cell-compatibility of amphiphilic gels

+49-30-838-68853 or -58212


Dr. Sc (Tech) Laura Elomaa

Senior Researcher and Junior Group Leader

Organic Chemistry: 3D Printing and Tissue Engineering

+49-30-838-59530 or -68853


Inar Fallaha


Synthesis of thermoresponsive polymers

+49-30-838-68853 or -58212

Geetika Naugain

Research Intern

Self-assembly on gels

+49-30-838-68853 or -58212

M.Sc. Roxana Pollehn

PhD candidate

Polymer Chemistry: Polyelectrolytes and Cell-based Glycocalyx Model

+49-30-838-56082 / -68853 and 918035 (SupraFab)


Fiona Richter

Stud HK

dECM processing and dynamic culture

+49-30-838-68853 or -58212


M.Sc. Alexander Schweigerdt

PhD candidate

Organic Chemistry: Polymer Chemistry and Surface Modification

+49-30-838-56082 and -68853

Alexander Schweigerdt

Kristin Schüler

MSc Student

Vascularization of dECM gels

+49-30-838-68853 or -58212

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Marie Weinhart

Associated Group Leader

Polymer Chemistry and Biomaterials

+49 30 838 75050