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April 3-4, 2009
Berlin, Germany  

organized by the
Institut für Chemie und Biochemie
Freie Universität Berlin

with generous support by 

Dierks-von Zweck-Stiftung, Essen
Fonds der Chemischen Industrie, Frankfurt a. M.
Bayer Schering Pharma AG
Freie Universität Berlin

The N,O-Heterocycles and More – 3. BBS Symposium on Organic chemistry, held in Berlin April 2 – 4, 2009, is initiated by the Departments of Organic Chemistry of the Freie Universität Berlin, the Slovak University of Technology of Bratislava, and the Institut für Organische Chemie of Universität Stuttgart.

Scientific Committee  
Constantin Czekelius Berlin, Germany
Lubor Fišera Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Tibor Gracza Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Volker Jäger Stuttgart, Germany
Hans-Ulrich Reissig, Chairman Berlin, Germany
Reinhold Zimmer Berlin, Germany
Organizing Committee  
Hans-Ulrich Reissig hans.reissig@chemie.fu-berlin.de
Reinhold Zimmer rzimmer@chemie.fu-berlin.de
Carin Kietzmann carin.kietzmann@chemie.fu-berlin.de
Friday, 03.04.2009
09:00   Opening: Prof. H.-U. Reissig
Chairman: Prof. L. Fišera
09:05 L-1 Gabriel Podolan, Lubor Fišera, Nada Prónayová
1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition of d-Xylose Derived Nitrone with Methyl Acrylate and its Utilization in Synthesis of Chiral Polyhydroxylated Natural Products
09:35 L-2 Juraj Rehák, Lubor Fišera, Jozef Kožíšek, Nada Prónayová
Samarium Diiodide Induced Coupling of Sugar Derived Nitrones in the Synthesis
10:05 L-3 Hua Yang, Andreas M. Palmer, Volker Jäger
Addition of C-Nucleophiles to g,d-Unsaturated Nitrones - A New Approach to the  Synthesis of Tetrahydro-1,2-oxazines
Chairman: Prof. V. Jäger
11:00 L-4 Mohammad Ibrahim, Volker Jäger
Synthesis of Unsymmetrical 1,2-Diamines and Exploration of their Potential for Preparation of Platinum Complexes
11:30 L-5 AmélieCastiglia, J. Heller, V. Jäger
Grignard Addition to Cyclic Nitrones: Key Step for the Synthesis of L-Fuco and D-Manno- Glycosidase Inhibitors
12:00 L-6 Peter Koóš, Hans-Ulrich Reissig
Synthesis of New Selectin Binding Inhibitors
12:30 L-7 Fabian Pfrengle, Hans-Ulrich Reissig
Branched Amino Sugars via Lewis-Acid PromotedRearrangement of 1,2-Oxazines
Chairman: Prof. T. Gracza
14:00 L-8 Oľga Karlubíková, Tibor Gracza
Palladium(II)-Catalysed Oxycarbonylation of Alkene-b,d-Diols
14:30 L-9 Miroslav Palík, Oľga Karlubíková, Angelika Lásiková, Tibor Gracza
Total Synthesis of (+)-Varitriol
15:00 L-10 Kristina Wilckens, Constantin Czekelius
Synthesis and Application of Chiral Gold(I)-Catalysts for the Desymmetrization of 1,4-Diynes
15:30 L-11 Christine Beemelmanns, Hans-Ulrich Reissig
Samarium Diiodide Mediated Cyclization - Approaches Towards Highly Functionalized Indole Derivatives
Chairman: Prof. D. Spitzner
16:30 L-12 Hülya Özbek, Hans-Ulrich Reissig
Synthesis of Peptidomimetics from Aminothiophene Carboxylic Acid Building Blocks
17:00 L-13 Maurice Taszarek, Hans-Ulrich Reissig
Synthesis of Multivalent Pyridine Derivatives with Different Spacer Molecules
17:30 L-14 Peter Kubizna, Peter Szolcsányi, Jozef Kožíšek
Short Total Synthesis of Piperidine Alkaloids of Calvia Genus
Saturday, 04.04.2009
Chairman: Dr. C. Czekelius
09:00 L-15 Alevtina Baskakova, Volker Jäger
Synthesis of Branched a- and b-Amino Acids using C‑Nucleophile Addition to Imines and Nitrones
09:30 L-16 Christof Schöberl, Volker Jäger
Asymmetric Organocatalytic Epoxidation of Alkenes: New Results
10:00 L-17 Sony Amrendra, Volker Jäger
Search for New Catalysts Derived from d-Glucose and d-Xylose for Asymmetric Epoxidation of Olefins
Chairman: Prof. H.-U. Reissig
11:00 L-18 Jana Doháňošová, Angelika Lásiková, Tibor Gracza, Martial Toffano, Giang Vo-Thanh
Domino Reaction: Pd(II)-Catalysed Cyclisation of Unsaturated Polyols and Cross-Coupling
11:30 L-19 Christian Eidamshaus, Hans-Ulrich Reissig
Highly Functionalised Enantiopure 4‑Hydroxy-pyridine Derivatives by a Versatile Three-Component Synthesis
12:00 L-20 Jeanne Heller, Amélie Castiglia, Thomas Orbegozo, Hend Mohamed El Sehrawi, Dietrich Spitzner, Volker Jäger
Synthesis of Chiral Guanidinium Salts as Potential Ionic Liquids