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Bhatia Group - ''E-Multi Micro''

Welcome to the Bhatia Group. We perform research in the field of Organic and Biomacromolecular Chemistry. Our interests are mainly natural glyco receptors present on the cells and mucins for different biomedical applications. These receptor molecules are modified by rational design, screened, and then used for the development of different polymer-based architectures against viruses and bacteria. Examples include glycosylated nanogels, 2D systems, and polymers. We are currently working on the development of new polymer based elastic glyco-microarchitectures to combat bacterial and viral infections. These microarchitectures are drug carriers and act as high affinity pathogen decoys. We are keen to develop strategies for site specific drug delivery, biofilm penetration and eradication with our architectures. We perform syntheses, characterization, and preliminary biophysical and biological analysis ourselves. For the advanced functional analysis and biological assays, we collaborate with the leading experts in the fields of infection biology, cell biology, pharmacology, and biophysics.