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Group members

Master student

Farokhlega Bajelan

Master student

Application of Two-Dimensional Poly(β-cyclodextrin) in Cancer Therapy

Zahra Goodarzi

Master student

Synthesis of Two-dimensional Polytriazine by Friedel Carft Reactions

Fatemeh Yousofvand

Master student

Investigation of the Host-Guest Interactions Between the Two-Dimensional Polycyclodextrins and Antibiotics


Postdoctoral Fellows

Siamak Beyranvand


Synthesis and Scale-up Polyglycerol-b-polyoxazolie for Diabetic Wound Healing (Clinical study)

siamak beyranvand

Mohamad Nematy


Construction of Antimicrobial Water Filters Based on Functionalized Two-dimensional Materials

Dr. Nemati

Ph.D. students

Sedigeh Ebrahimian

Ph.D. student

Evaluation of evaporation reduction methods in free water levels through physical and chemical methods with emphasis on optimization of monolayers using layering

Alphonse Fiebor

Ph.D. student

Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes Molecular Switches

Sanaz Kazemi

Ph.D. student

Synthesis of Polyvinylalcohol Hydrogels by Host-Guest Interactions


Nasim Khosrawani

Ph.D. student

Synthesis of Thermoresponsive Two-Dimensioonal Polyglycerol for Dermal Delivery

Zahra Mohammadi

Ph.D. student

Synthesis of Multiarm Star Poly(glycerol-b-oxazoline) Copolymers with Different Biologically Active Molecules for Cancer Therapy and Pathogen Interactions

Safoura Qazvineh

Ph.D. student

Synthesis of Polyisopropylacrylamide Frameworks using COF Templates

safoura ghazvineh

Maryam Salahvarzi

Ph.D. student

Synthesis of two-dimensional triazine polymers with nano-thickness

Xu Shaohui

Ph.D. student

Synthesis of Biodegradable MoS2 Sheets for Multidrug Resistance Cancer Therapy