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VeRidium - VR Science Education

VeRidium - A virtual reality for science education

Latest news

Meet us at "Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften" for a VR demonstration. From 5pm to 11pm, every 30 minutes we're sending you in the octahedral voids of elemental copper, let you explore the hexagonal layers of magnesium or just hang out with some body centered tungsten. And don't worry, it's all virtual - no atoms will be harmed. June 22nd 2024, Fabeckstr. 34-36, 14195 Berlin. You will find us on the second floor of the foyer. 

About VeRidium

VeRidium is a virtual reality science education plattform that currently runs on the Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3. Within the virtual environments, various modules from the science curricula can be chosen to augment high school and university teaching. VeRidium is free, will (soon) be made open source to evolve to a community driven project. All modules are peer reviewed to ensure scientific exactness. 

Latest Downloads

VeRidium V1.0.1 is available through the Quest Store (external link). Direct download of the apk to install manually via SideQuest (Instructions) can be found here

Additional Ressources

Tutorial Video on the setup of the headsets and starting VeRidium from within the VR environment for students' introduction. 

Screencast of the virtual environment (copper lecture). 

Programmers and Collabortors wanted

We're constantly expanding VeRidium and are always looking for programmers (Unity) with or without science backgrounds. New collaborators for creating new modules, please get in touch! Furthermore, every feedback is appreciated.

Meet the Team

VeRidium is a multi-institutional, international collaborative of teacher-scholars. Initial partners: Katherine Mirica (Dartmouth College), Huey-Wen Lin (Michigan State University), Kah-Chun Lau (California State University, Northridge), Günther Thiele (Freie Universität Berlin). Current board members: Sebastian Habig (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg), Katherine Mirica (Dartmouth College), Katharina Kuse (NatLab - Schülerlabor, Freie Universität Berlin), Andy Kotz (Dartmouth College), Malkanthi Karunananda (Saint Louis University), Christoph Tzschucke (Freie Universität Berlin), Julian Arnold (Hasso-Plattner Institut), Günther Thiele (Freie Universität Berlin). Past and present coworkers: Sayuri Magnabosco (project management), Gia Kim (design), Brendan Keane (design), Andy Kotz (programming), Siddharth Hathi (programming), Megan Liu (design), Brett Kidman (design), Wylie Kasai (design), Vico Lee (programming), Alyssa Anderson (project management), Chelsea Joe (design), Daniel Lubliner (design), Julian Wu (programming), Devon Starr (programming), Apurva Srivastava (project management), Anna Wu (design), Alexander Huang-Menders (programming), Julian Arnold (programming). 

Data Privacy

VeRidium does not collect or store any data or information. See our full data privacy policy. 


Cottrell Collaborative, RCSA
CompX Faculty Grant, Neukom Institute
E-Learning Funding Programme, CeDiS
Neue Lehrmethoden/Inhalte im Chemiestudium, VCI

Contact via: guenther.thiele@fu-berlin.de