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Privacy Policy

VeRidium - Privacy Policy

What kind of information do we collect? 

We collect none of our own information through the application and no record of your data or information is kept. However, this application requires the use of an Oculus headset device. To learn more about how Oculus collects and uses your information please refer to their privacy policy. Due to Meta's regulations, we have to ask every user for their age. However, we do not store, use, or share this information in any way.

What do we do with the information and data? 

We do not use your data or information in any form, neither in functionalities in the application nor for our storage or any other purpose. 

Who do we share the information and data with? 

Nobody. Wo don't collect, nor share your data or information. Neither we nor any other parties obtain any information or data through the use of VeRidium.