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Positions and Theses

Bachelor´s theses and research internships

We offer positions for bachelor´s theses and research internships. Below is a selection of reseach fields and contact persons:

Field: Fluorine chemistry, superacids and strong oxidisers

My research is focused on the synthesis and characterization of novel silicon-based teflates. As these molecules are sensitive to air and moisture, working with Schlenk technique and under inert gas is absolutely necessary. If you are interested in the topic, you are welcome to send me an e-mail or drop by the U405b laboratory.

(In)organic fluorine chemistry with mainly volatile compounds, catalytically or photochemically induced reactions of small molecules

Preparative work: inert work in vacuum, gas phase chemistry, Schlenk technique

The topic of my research are teflate based super acids and their use in the synthesis of highly reactive cations. These cations are stabilized by weakly coordinating anions, which are also of great interest.

At the moment I have an open spot for an internship, in which I would like someone to synthesis new antimony based teflate compounds.

Because of the high air and moisture sensitivity of the compounds, working under inert gas and the use of Schlenk techniques are necessary. If you are interested in this kind of topic, you can send me an e-mail or visit me in my lab (U406). LGBTQI+ students are very welcome.

Field: Halogens (chlorine, bromine, iodine), polyhalides, electrochemistry and batteries

My research is focused on the synthesis and characterization of novel ozonides and fluorobromates. In order to modulate their properties, different cations with e.g. perfluorinated groups have to be synthesized. If you are interested in a cross-over between inorganic fluorine chemistry and organic synthesis you are welcome to send me a mail or just come by in U412.

Field: Matrixisolationspectroscopy and quantumchemical calculations

I am focusing on exploring novel reaction products from laser-ablated transition metal atoms with fluorine or other reactive gases in excess noble-gas matrices (Ne, Ar, etc.) under cryogenic conditions. The isolated species are detected by infrared matrix-isolation spectroscopy. Moreover, I make use of computational technique to analyze the molecular structures and orbitals of observed species.

Are you interested in Astrochemistry? Then join us for your Master/Bachelor thesis.

More than two hundred molecules have been identified in space so far. Under extreme astrophysical conditions (temperature, energy, etc) we are interested to synthesis highly elusive, so far unknown molecules using the matrix-isolation techniques combined with IR, UV/Vis, Raman and EPR spectroscopies supported by quantum chemical calculations.

We are also interested on fluorine-specific interactions - how fluorine radicals or even F2 molecules might interact or bound to other molecules, but not the classical fluorination reactions. You may also join us on investigating high oxidation state molecules.

Master´s theses

Master´s theses can also be taken in the above mentioned areas. Additionally, individually designed theses can be discussed.

For further information please contact members of the Riedel group (Fabeckstr. 34/36, 4th floor) or Prof. Sebastian Riedel.

PhD theses

Are you interested in a PhD theis in halogen and fluorine chemistry?

We are always looking for talented researchers for ambitious projects to synthesise novel compounds and tackle tricky questions.

Selection of fields:

  • compounds in high oxidation states
  • strong oxidiser
  • superacids
  • weakly coordinating anions/cations
  • polyhalogencations

For further information please contact members of the Riedel group (Fabeckstr. 34/36, 4th floor) or Prof. Sebastian Riedel.