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Membrane Trafficking Seminars

'Cellular membrane traffic produces incredibly dynamic structures, in continuous communication with each other. This traffic is brought about by beautifully coordinated actions of specialized protein and lipid complexes that harness fundamental processes of membrane remodelling and cargo capture. In the past few years, new techniques and systems, together with interdisciplinary thought,  are leading to innovative ideas and completely new paradigms in the field of membrane traffic. This seminar series is an opportunity to bring such exciting new ideas to the community and boost constructive  discussions on the future of membrane traffic.' - Felix Campelo, Francesca Bottanelli and Ishier Raote (Organisers).


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Membrane Trafficking Seminars – upcoming talks

Thu. 3 September

5pm CET/11am EST

Gia Voeltz, HHMI-University of Colorado-Boulder, USA

Title: Role of ER contact sites in regulating the biogenesis of cytoplasmic organelles

Thu. 17 September

4pm CET/10am EST

Giulia Zanetti, ISMB, Birkbeck College London, UK

Title: Structure of the complete, membrane-assembled COPII coat reveals a complex interaction network


Thu. 1 October

4pm CET/10am EST

Stephen Royle, University of Warwick, UK

Title: Intracellular nanovesicles mediate integrin trafficking during cell migration

Thu. 15 October

4pm CET/10am EST

Florian Wilfling, Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Martinsried, Germany

Title: A selective autophagy pathway for phase separated endocytic protein deposits