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Former Research Assistants

  • Dr. Vivien Lortzing
    2019-2023, now FU-Berlin, Division Research Funding and Information
  • Dr. Mohatmed Abdel-latief
  • Dr. Gunnar Bröhan
  • Dr. Benjamin Fuchs
  • Dr. Torsten Meiners
    2004-2010, now scientist at Julius-Kühn-Institut, Berlin-Dahlem, Germany
  • Prof. Dr. Johannes Steidle
    1994-2003, now Professor of Animal Ecology at University Hohenheim, Germany, Habilitation at FU-Berlin, 2001
  • Prof. Dr. Joachim Ruther
    1995-2009, now Professor of Chemical Ecology at the University Regensburg, Germany, Habilitation at FU-Berlin, 2003

Some Former Post-Docs

  • Dr. Jean Luc Boevé
    1995-1998, now Department of Entomology, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels, Belgium, Habilitation at FU-Berlin, 1998
  • Dr. Cornelia Dippel
    1995-1999, now Company «Insect Services», Berlin
  • Dr. Hans Dautel
    until 2000, now Company «Insect Services», Berlin
  • Dr. Patricia Fernandez
    2005-2006, now Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Dr. Olaf Kahl
    until 1998, Habilitation FU-Berlin, 1998

Former Ph.D. Students

  • Dr. Nadine Austel
    2015, now FNR-project headed by Dr. Torsten Meiners, Julius-Kühn-Institut, Institute for Ecological Chemistry, Plant Analysis and Stored Product Protection
  • Dr. Beatrice Blenn
    2013, now DIAG.WISS - Seminare Beratungen
  • Dr. Ivo Beyaert
    2011, now DIAG.WISS - Seminare Beratungen
  • Dr. Kerstin Büchel
    2014, now Company «Insect Services», Berlin
  • Dr. Martina Bünnige
  • Dr. Elisabeth Eilers
    2015, now Univ. Bielefeld, Chemical Ecology
  • Dr. Cécile Faucher
    2007, now Thermo Fisher Scientific, Darmstadt
  • Dr. Nina Fatouros
    2006, now Laboratory of Entomology, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
  • PD Dr. Jürgen Gross
    2001, now Federal Biological Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry, Dossenheim, Germany
  • Dr. Diana Köpke
    2010, now epinamics GmbH, Berlin/Potsdam
  • Dr. Roland Mumm
    2004, now Wageningen University & ResearchCentre, Business Unit Bioscience, Plant Metabolomics Facility
  • Prof. Dr. Caroline Müller
    1999, now Institute of Botany, Bielefeld University, Germany
  • Dr. Florian Pankewitz,
    2006,  now Limetec Biotechnologies GmbH, Hennigsdorf
  • Dr. Barbara Randlkofer
    2007, now Company «Boehringer», Germany
  • Dr. Andreas Reinecke
    2005, now independent biological expert witness
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Rostàs
    2001, now Department for Crop Sciences, Agricultural Entomology, Göttingen University, Germany
  • Dr. Roland Schröder
    2007, now Sachbearbeiter Arbeitsamt für Akademiker in Berlin
  • Dr. Matthias Simon
    2002, now L&D Manager Amazon
  • Dr. Sven Steiner
  • Dr. Ute Trauer-Kizilelma
    2015, now Umweltbundesamt, Berlin
  • Dr. Nicole Wäschke
Member of CRC 973