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LI local interneuron of the antennal lobe

A heterogenous local interneuron which sparsely innervates several glomeruli and exhibits dense ramifications in an identified glomerlus of the T3 group.
registered in:

  • Brandt R, Rohlfing T, Rybak J, Krofczik S, Maye A, Westerhoff M, Hege HC, Menzel R (2005) A three-dimensional Average-shape atlas of the honeybee brain based on confocal images. Journal of Comparative Neurology 492 1: 1-19


  • Fonta C, Sun XJ, and Masson C. (1993) Morphology and spatial distribution of bee antennal lobe interneurones responsive to odours. Chemical Senses 18,2:101-119.