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Publikation des Monats

September 2023

Phosphorus derivatives of mesoionic carbenes: synthesis and characterization of triazaphosphole-5-ylidene → BF3 adducts | Lea Dettling and Christian Müller

August 2023

Precise cooperative sulfur placement leads to semi-crystallinity and selective depolymerisability in CS2/oxetane copolymers | Christoph Fornacon-Wood and Alex J. Plajer

July 2023

Mucin-Inspired Single-Chain Polymer (MIP) Fibers as Potent
SARS-CoV-2 Inhibitors | Raju Bej and Rainer Haag

June 2023/03

A local subset of mesenchymal cells expressing the transcription factor Osr1 orchestrates lymph node initiation | Pedro Vallecillo-Garcia and Sigmar Stricker

June 2023/01

Receptor Density-Dependent Motility of Influenza Virus Particles on Surface Gradients | Kevin Diestelhorst and Stephan Block

June 2023/02

Dual-Action Heteromultivalent Glycopolymers Stringently Block and Arrest Influenza A Virus Infection In Vitro and Ex Vivo | Badri Parshad and Sumati Bhatia

May 2023/02

Unintended cation crossover influences CO2 reduction selectivity in Cu-based zero-gap electrolysers | Flora Haun, Siddharth Gupta, Sasho Stojkovikj and Matthew T. Mayer

May 2023/01

Systematic construction of progressively larger capsules from a fivefold linking pyrrole-based subcomponent | Fabian Klautzsch and Christoph Schalley

Apr 2023

Electrosynthesis of Protected Dehydroamino Acids | Marcel Gausmann, Nadine Kreidt, and Mathias Christmann*

Mar 2023

Stable Isotopomers of myo-Inositol Uncover a Complex MINPP1-Dependent Inositol Phosphate Network | Minh Nguyen Trung, Stefanie Kieninger, Bettina Keller.

Feb 2023

A decacationic ferrocene-based metallostar | Susanne M. Rupf, Amina L. Moshtaha, Moritz Malischewski.

Jan 2023

The occurrence of ansamers in the synthesis of cyclic peptides | Gui-Yang Yao, Simone Kosol, Marius T. Wenz, Elisabeth Irran, Bettina Gr. Keller, Oliver Trapp, Roderich D. Süssmuth.