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AG Huittinen

Welcome to the web-pages of the Radiochemistry group

The Radiochemistry group is up and running, albeit we are currently in a transition stage with the retirement of our long-term professor and group member Ulrich Abram, who led the radiochemistry group until March 2023 with a focus on coordination chemistry and organometallic chemistry of radioactive and non-radioactive metals.

Since April this year, Nina Huittinen has been working in the Radiochemistry group as a guest professor. Her main expertise lies in the combination of various spectroscopic and microscopic techniques to understand complexation, adsorption, and incorporation reactions of actinides and their lanthanide analogues in the aqueous phase and in solid matrices.

Despite the changeover, the lectures and practical course in fundamental radiochemistry are running “as always”. We are encouraging students who are interested in a B.Sc. or M.Sc. thesis topic in radiochemistry to contact Nina Huittinen for more information.