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Jürgen Simon


Institut für Chemie und Biochemie

Anorganische Chemie

Professor Dr. emeritus

Wissenschaftlicher Werdegang

Promotion: FU Berlin (1968); Habilitation: FU Berlin (1971); Professor: FU Berlin (1971); Member: Ed. Board, Journal of Ecological Chemistry, Alga-Fund: St. Petersburg, Russia (1994).

Frühere Forschungsgebiete der Arbeitsgruppe Simon (Prof. Simon ist im Ruhestand)

Keywords: Environmental Analytics, AAS, ICP, DPASV, GC, HPIC, Chromatomembrane Cell, Archaeometry


Investigation of trace elements in biotic materials by means of electrothermal AAS and DPASV. The main emphasis is directed to the development of procedures for the determination of trace amounts using the rotating electrode with an ex situ prepared mercury film. Its application in Flow Injection Analysis is intended. A novel technique in sample preparation is provided which enables extraction and preconcentration procedures to carry out automatically in microscale. The Chromatomembrane Cell was introduced for that as reported recently. This new device allows the transfer of analyte between two phases inside a porous block consisting of hydrophobic PTFE with two types of pores, i.e., micropores and macropores. The capillary pressure of polar liquids prevents their penetration into micropores so that an independent flux of two phases is made possible without mixing. The contact area provided for mass transfer measures about 0.7 m2/cm3 biporous PTFE. The application of Chromatomembrane Cells to computer acting detection procedures such as uv-vis spectrometry, GC, HPIC and electroanalytical methods is under study. The object is to meet the regulations according to DIN and ISO standards.


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