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Dr. Sandra Wohlgemuth

Sandra Wohlgemuth

Wiss. Mitarbeiterin bis August 2014




2000 - 2010:





  • Wohlgemuth S, Vogel A, Ronacher B (2010) Encoding of amplitude modulations by auditory neurons of the locust: influence of modulation frequency, rise time, and modulation depth. J Comp Physiol A Neuroethol Sens Neural Behav Physiol. 2010 Sep 24. [Epub ahead of print]
  • Creutzig F, Benda J, Wohlgemuth S, Stumpner A, Ronacher B and Herz, AVM (2010) Timescale-invariant Pattern Recognition by Feedforward Inhibition and Parallel Signal Processing. Neural Comp, Feb.  8 online
  • Creutzig F*, Wohlgemuth S*, Stumpner A, Benda J, Ronacher B and Herz, AVM (2009) Timescale-invariant representation of acoustic communication signals by a bursting neuron. J Neurosci, 29(8): 2575-80.
    *these authors contributed equally to this work.
  • Ronacher B, Wohlgemuth S, Vogel A, & Krahe R (2008) Discrimination of acoustic communication signals by grasshoppers: temporal resolution, temporal integration, and the impact of intrinsic noise. J of Comp Psychol, 122, 3, 252-63
  • Neuhofer D, Wohlgemuth S, Stumpner S, & Ronacher B (2008) Evolutionarily conserved coding properties of auditory neurons across grasshopper species. Poc R Soc B, 275, 1646: 1965-74
  • Wohlgemuth S, Ronacher B (2007) Auditory discrimination of amplitude modulations based on metric distances of spike trains. J Neurophysiol 97: 3082-3092
  • Ronacher B, Franz A, Wohlgemuth S & Hennig RM (2004) Variability of spike trains and the processing of temporal patterns of acoustic signals - problems, constraints and solutions. J Comp Physiol A 190(4): 257-77
  • Wohlgemuth S, Ronacher B & Wehner R (2002) 3D-odometry in desert ants. J Comp Physiol A 188(4): 273-81
  • Wohlgemuth S, Ronacher B & Wehner R (2001) Ant odometry in the third dimension. Nature 411: 795-798
  • Ronacher B, Gallizzi K, Wohlgemuth S & Wehner R (2000) Lateral optic flow does not influence distance estimation in the desert ant Cataglyphis fortis. J. Exp. Biol. 203: 1113-1121