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Dr. Mariam Honarmand

Mariam Honarmand

Wiss. Mitarbeiterin bis Mai 2014


"Long term effects of developmental stress in zebra finches"
The aim of this project is to understand how environmental conditions early in life contribute to the expression of fitness relevant behavioral, life history and biometric traits and how such effects are transmitted across generations. The project allows linking adult traits under sexual and natural selection to epigenetic developmental variables such as availability of food or the extent of nestling competition during development.

Adam I, Scharff C, Honarmand M (2014) Who is Who? Non-invasive Methods to Individually Sex and Mark Altricial Chicks. J. Vis. Exp. (87), e51429, doi:10.3791/51429         >>> VIDEO Krause ET, Honarmand M and Naguib M (2011) Zebra finch nestlings beg more under better nutritional conditions. Behaviour 148: 1239–1255. Honarmand M, Goymann W and Naguib M (2010) Stressful Dieting: Nutritional Conditions but Not Compensatory Growth Elevate Corticosterone Levels in Zebra Finch Nestlings and Fledglings. PLoS ONE, 5 (9), art. no. e12930.