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Prof. Dr. Julien B. Bachelier

Prof. Dr. Julien B. Bachelier

AG Bachelier

Institut für Biologie / DCPS

Freie Universität Berlin


Strukturelle und Funktionelle Pflanzendiversität

Altensteinstr. 6
Raum 1.08
14195 Berlin
030 838-63249
Sandra Kries


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Peer-reviewed publications (* indicate authors with contributed equally to the manuscript)

  • Losada JM*, JB Bachelier*, and Friedman WE. 2017. Prolonged embryogenesis in Austrobaileya scandens (Austrobaileyaceae): its ecological and evolutionary significance. New Phytologist 215: 851–864.
  • Zhao L, JB Bachelier, X-H Zhang, and Y Ren. 2016. Floral organogenesis in Dysosma versipellis (Berberidaceae) and its systematic implications. Botany, 2016, 94(5): 359–368.
  • Friedman WE*, JB Bachelier*. 2013. Seed development in Trimenia (Trimeniaceae) and its bearing on the evolution of embryo-nourishing strategies in early flowering plant lineages. American Journal of Botany 100: 906–915. (This paper was selected by the faculty of 1000 as a must read)
  • Friedman WE*, JB Bachelier*, and JI Hormaza. 2012. Embryology in Trithuria submersa (Hydatellaceae) and relationships between embryo, endosperm, and perisperm in early-diverging flowering plants. American Journal of Botany 99: 1083–1095.
  • Tsuchimatsu T, P Kaiser P, C-L Yew, JB Bachelier, and KK Shimizu. 2012. Recent loss of self-incompatibility by degradation of the male component in allotetraploid Arabidopsis kamchatica. PLoS Genetics 8: e1002838.
  • Kretzschmar T, W Kohlen, J Sasse, L Borghi, M Schlegel, JB Bachelier, D Reinhardt, R Bours, HJ Bouwmeester, and E Martinoia. 2012. A petunia ABC protein controls strigolactone-dependent symbiotic signaling and branching. Nature 483: 341–344. (This paper was selected by the faculty of 1000 as a must read)
  • Zhao L, JB Bachelier, H-L Chang, X-H Tian, and Y Ren. 2012. Inflorescence and floral development in Ranunculus and three allied genera in Ranunculeae (Ranunculoideae, Ranunculaceae). Plant Systematics and Evolution 298: 1057–1071.
  • Zhao L, W Wang, Y Ren, and JB Bachelier. 2012. Flower morphology and development in Asteropyrum (Ranunculaceae): implication for its systematic position. Annales Botanici Fennici 49: 31–42.
  • ·   Bachelier JB* and WE Friedman*. 2011. Female gamete competition in an ancient angiosperm lineage. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 108:12360–12365(This paper was selected by the faculty of 1000 as a must read)
  • Bachelier JB, PK Endress, and LP Ronse De Craene. 2011. Comparative floral structure and development of Nitrariaceae (Sapindales) and systematic implications. In Flowers on the tree of life. Eds. L Wanntorp and LP Ronse De Craene. Cambridge: Cambridge University, 181–217.
  • Bachelier JB and PK Endress. 2009. Comparative floral morphology and anatomy of Anacardiaceae and Burseraceae (Sapindales), with a special focus on gynoecium structure and evolution. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 159: 499–571.
  • Bachelier JB and PK Endress. 2008. Floral structure in Kirkia (Kirkiaceae) and its systematic position in Sapindales. Annals of Botany 102: 539–550.
  • Pichot C, B Lien, JL Rivera Nava, JB Bachelier, and M El Maâtaoui. 2008. Cypress surrogate mother produces haploid progeny from alien pollen. Genetics 179: 379–383.
  • Bachelier JB and PK Endress. 2007. Development of inflorescences, cupules, and flowers in Amphipterygium and comparison with Pistacia (Anacardiaceae). International Journal of Plant Sciences 168: 1237–1253.


Non peer-reviewed, online and open publications:

  • Cole TCH, JB Bachelier, and HH Hilger. 2017. Tracheophyte Phylogeny Poster - Vascular plants: systematics and characteristics. PeerJ Preprints 5:e2614v2. (https://doi.org/10.7287/peerj.preprints.2614v2)
  • Cole TCH, HH Hilger, PF Stevens, and JB Bachelier. 2017. Phylogénie des Angiospermes – Systématique des Plantes à Fleurs (French version of Angiosperm Phylogeny Poster). (doi: 10.13140/RG.2.1.3255.0804)
  • Cole TCH, HH Hilger, and JB Bachelier. 2016. Phylogénie des Angiospermes – Systématique des Plantes à Fleurs (French version of Angiosperm Phylogeny Poster). (doi: 10.13140/RG.2.1.3012.2649)
Member of the DCPS