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MSc Pharmaceutical Science

MSc Pharmaceutical Science: Master Research Project in the field of Analytical Chemistry


Typically, MSc projects are closely associated with the use of gas chromatography or liquid chromatography coupled systems. UV-Vis (diode array detector; DAD) or mass spectrometry (MS) are used as detectors for this purpose.

The topics vary from classical method development, quality control and the synthesis of reference substances to metabolism experiments (in vitro and in vivo).

What you can learn in our group:

- handling of chromatographic systems

- measurement techniques from DAD to QToF- or QQQ-MS

- synthesis (chemical and biotechnological supported)

- deepening of theoretical and practical knowledge in analytical chemistry

What we expect from you:

- good to very good previous knowledge in analytical chemistry with focus on GC, LC and MS.

- the ability to work independently

- interest in theoretical and practical work in connection with analytical issues

- good english


- send your application to f.bredendiek@fu-berlin.de and CC: maria.parr@fu-berlin.de

- applications must include a letter of motivation (approx. ½-1 DIN A4 letter), CV and relevant credentials