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Many students in their 4th semester are uncertain how to proceed with their thesis. This may seem early, but years of experience have shown that it does make sense to start in good time. Common questions concern the choice of work group, what formalities to pay attention to and the right contact persons.

From the 4th semester upwards, students have the chance to attend mentor-organized meetings that answer these and other questions. For some subjects, additional writing classes or courses for special software may be offered. The mentors have completed their undergraduate studies and are aware of the difficulties and challenges. Dates and topics are announced via e-mail.

The mentoring includes:

  • At least two meetings per semester with different topics: searching for a work group, formal conditions, schedule, writing protocols, writing the thesis
  • Possibility to get in touch via e-mail
  • Invitations to writing classes or LATEX-courses
  • Individual counseling if necessary

 Many meetings take place via WebEx, some in persona. If possible, we try to offer more than one date for each topic. If you are interested in the mentoring program please write an e-mail to mentoring@bcp.fu-berlin.de