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What is Mentoring About?

Throughout the course of your studies you will continuously encounter new challenges. At first, there are new working techniques, self-organized studying and a new surrounding to be managed; maybe a new city and financial aspects.

As you approach the end of your undergraduate studies, the focus shifts to the thesis: Where do I start? How long will it take? How do I find a supervisor?

Getting closer to their master’s degree, many students are uncertain whether they should apply for a PhD position right away or enter the job market.

For each of these phases in your student-life-cycle, the Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy offers support via mentoring. Students from higher semesters and PhD candidates offer advice and answer questions, either individually or in group meetings.

Rafaela Münch


Rafaela Münch,
E-Mail: mentoring@bcp.fu-berlin.de,
Arnimallee 22, A.017, 14195 Berlin