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What is the Master’s Degree of Biodiversity, Evolution and Ecology about?

The M. Sc. program in Biodiversity, Evolution, and Ecology is designed to enhance understanding and proficiency in theoretical and practical aspects of Ecology, Evolution, and Biodiversity. Students are exposed to a wide array of methods and experimental techniques crucial for modern biodiversity and ecological research. The program encompasses a comprehensive range of subjects, including the chemical and molecular ecology of animals, plants, and microorganisms, aquatic ecology, ecological modeling, as well as the evolution and biodiversity of various organisms. Additionally, students gain insights into collection management and curation practices.

Throughout the program, students engage in research projects within institute working groups, applying learned methods and concepts. The program fosters interdisciplinary connections, allowing for collaborative ventures across various fields of study within the project domain. Importantly, all courses within this program are conducted in English, further facilitating a globally inclusive learning environment.