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Information Concerning Redistribution of Course Places by Teaching Staff

Teaching staff is only permitted to carry out redistributions of course places after the registration and distribution process has ended. The procedure is as follows:

  • Teaching staff may redistribute any remaining places or places that become free only during a preliminary meeting or on the first day of the course so that everyone is given a fair chance.
  • In cases where it is possible, only the teaching staff is permitted to swap course places and only at the times stated above. The two students wishing to swap places must notify the teaching staff in person or each individually via their ZEDAT account.
  • The Examinations Office may only accept subsequent registrations from teaching staff that are sent to kursbuchungen@bcp.fu-berlin.de. Students are not permitted to send these requests directly. The teaching staff then sends notification of these changes in a list to this inbox after the second day of the course. The teaching staff has to grant students access to Blackboard in advance. The Office of Academic Affairs and Examinations Office cannot provide assistance in this area.
  •     Teaching Staff must provide access to Blackboard in advance to the enrollment in Campus Management; the study office or examination office cannot help here.
  •     Students are permitted to deregister from their Zedat account, stating the module title, course number and course title, to kursbuchungen@bcp.fu-berlin.de.

    Information for "Nebenhörende" and doctoral candidates:

        Students from other universities in Berlin and Potsdam as well as doctoral students from the BCP department may be allocated places if there are any remaining places after the regular allocation (see table).
          From the winter semester 2024/25, there are two ways to do this:
            1. participation in the regular (in presenvce) allocation. Remaining places can then be allocated directly by the Office of Academic Affairs. For this purpose, "Nebenhörende "students must bring the pre-filled application for Nebenhörende.
            2. as for all other biology students, as described above by the teaching staff. Here, too, the pre-filled application form for "Nebenhörende" must be brought along by the lecturer and checked by the Office of Academic Affairs.

    •     Students can receive a matriculation number at the FU on the basis of the application and be registered for the modules in Campus Management.
    •     Doctoral students can be registered in Campus Management on the basis of their enrollment at the FU.