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Master's program - Pharmaceutical Sciences

Application period for summer term 2017 has started and is open until 15.01.2017! Applications from international students are welcome! Please see Application & admission for more details.

Welcome students of the Master’s Program Pharmaceutical Sciences!

You might have a number of questions regarding the study program. For an introduction to the different courses, the modules, the timetables and general regulations, please visit the following website:


We are looking forward to welcoming you to the institute soon and wish you a good start to your studies!

Pharmaceutical Science is an interdisciplinary science that covers a broad variety of topics including research, development, production, testing and use of medicines, their characterisation and their effects in drug therapy.  Pharmaceutical Science combines aspects of different natural sciences - mainly chemistry, biology and physics – with topics of medicine and therapy.  Specific subjects of this program include drug discovery and development, testing therapeutic compositions/formulations, investigating drug release systems, determination of drug effects and their monitoring/modelling in patients.

Throughout this program, students learn to deal with complex and current interdisciplinary problems of pharmaceutical drug discovery and development as well as therapeutic use of medicines by employing scientific methods.


The master’s program will provide graduates with deepened scientific knowledge and skills, thus laying the foundation for a career in pharmaceutical research and preparing them for further studies such as a PhD thesis.

Why study here?

So far, Freie Universität Berlin is the only university in Germany offering the master’s program in pharmaceutical research. Under excellent scientific conditions the master’s program prepares students for further research and development activities in the pharmaceutical industry or in scientific institutions.