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Research Interests

Oral drug delivery systems (DDS)

  • multiparticuate DDS
    • pelletization ({extrusion/spheronization}, rotorgranulation)
    • minitablets
    • coating
    • compression of pellets into tablets
  • pulsatile DDS (tablets, capsules, pellets)
  • gastroretentive DDS
  • matrix tablets (water-soluble and - insoluble carriers)
  • fast dissolving dosage forms (tablets, sponges, films, capsules)
  • delivery of poorly soluble drugs
  • formulation of moisture-sensitive drugs

Coating technology

  • aqueous polymer dispersions
  • aqueous/organic polymer solutions
  • coating with natural polymers (e.g., shellac, zein)
  • coating of pellets, tablets, soft and hard gelatin capsules
  • polymer powder coating


  • micro-/nanoparticles (solvent evaporation, spray drying, grinding, {SCF})
  • incorporation micro-/nanoparticles into a final dosage form
  • liquid controlled release DDS

Biodegradable DDS

  • implants (melt compression, extrusion)
  • microparticles
  • in-situ microparticle/ implant system
  • lipid DDS (cubic phase DDS, microparticles)
  • delivery systems for larger molecules (proteins, peptides, oligonucleotides)

Miscellaneous projects

  • mucoadhesive DDS (nasal, buccal)