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The Department Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy runs mechanics, electronics, electrics and glassblower workshops to cover both everyday repairs as well as the construction of special customized lab equipment.

The focus is on design (CAD), manufacture, modification, maintenance, repair of typical laboratory components and equipment, custom-made products, and installation of accessories and equipment for everyday and non-everyday laboratory needs. The employees accompany and support your project from the planning stage through the selection and procurement of materials to completion.

The BCP workshop combines the previous workshops for precision mechanics, electrical engineering/electronics and vacuum pumps.

The staff of the BCP workshop in Arnimallee 22, rooms A.-111 to A.-116, are looking forward to your order.
Please fill out the order form and send in advance to: fbw@bcp.fu-berlin.de

Glassblower Workshop

Dirk Busold


+49 30 838 52401

Jesse Holloway


+49 30 838 52704