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New hardware acquisition

When procuring new IT hardware, it should be noted that the FU-Berlin, as a public contracting authority, is obligated to adhere to procurement regulations. As a result of the necessary tenders, we have framework agreements with certain suppliers for IT hardware. An overview of the products available for selection from these framework agreements can be found in the university's ordering system (UniKat). In the spirit of sustainability, please make use of the extended warranties available for products such as desktop computers, laptops and monitors when ordering from UniKat.

We are obliged to cover our needs from the UniKat and the existing framework agreements when acquiring IT hardware for standardized use cases!

If there is a justified (!) need to acquire an IT product that is not listed in UniKat, the procurement regulations must also be observed here.
If necessary, contact Central Purchasing to find out whether a product can be included in the UniKat catalog or whether it can be procured elsewhere.

When acquiring, think about an operating system. We have a campus license for Microsoft operating systems for upgrades, but this means that at least any Windows must be in place beforehand.

Support / Repair / Modification

For self-maintained computers, the workgroups are usually responsible themselves. This concerns both the up-to-dateness of the software and the security measures against data loss and misuse, see here.

Therefore, we would like to point out the possibility of cost-free support by ZEDAT. This applies to Windows, Apple and Linux computers.

Repairs are covered under the statutory warranty or the above-mentioned warranty extension by the manufacturer or dealer.
Repairs to Apple products, can (as an alternative to manufacturer support) also be carried out by Zedat. For this purpose please contact appleit@fu-berlin.de .


If devices from the IT product area are to be discarded and disposed of, please observe the following instructions:

For devices such as PCs, monitors, printers, etc., please first check whether it is possible to continue using them at another location. If necessary, please contact the IT staff responsible, who can help you to evaluate the old equipment and possible uses.

When transferring equipment outside the workgroup (to another cost center), a change notification for fixed assets must be sent to Asset Accounting.

If further use is not possible or there is a classic defect, devices must first be deinventorized by Asset Accounting through the application for segregation before disposal in e-waste. After a positive response from Asset Accounting, you can then dispose the device.

Final disposal of electronic equipment is done via the institutes' electronic waste collection points. If necessary, ask the responsible janitor or the IT staff where these collection points are located.

When disposing of laser and inkjet printers, the toner or ink cartridges should be removed and disposed of separately in the appropriate collection containers before disposal in the e-waste.

For data protection reasons, the hard disks/SSDs of PCs and laptops should - if possible - be removed and separately destroyed or otherwise rendered unusable before scrapping.

further information:

Asset Accounting

Special waste disposal