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Windows Support


The Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy has decided to have its PC workstations serviced by the University Computer Center of Freie Universität Berlin (ZEDAT).

Access to these PC workstations is via the ZEDAT account. The user directories are provided centrally and are therefore largely protected against data loss. The operating systems are installed centrally, as is the software. This guarantees a high degree of up-to-dateness and security. A wide range of software is provided, but special applications can also be installed on request.

Info about central support for Windows PCs

The contact person for the managed Windows PCs in the BCP department is Mr. Holger Gand (Tel. 50783)



decentralized administration 

In deviation from the central support offered by Zedat, there may be use cases in which the requirements cannot be covered by the central support. In these exceptional cases, computers can be administered and operated at workgroup level, e.g. for measuring and control computers for scientific equipment/measuring devices or specially equipped workstations.
The operation of "workgroup PCs" (i.e. standard PC workstations) should be carried out via the central support of Zedat!

For decentrally administered computers, the workgroups (represented by their workgroup leaders) are generally responsible themselves. This concerns both the up-to-dateness of the hardware and software as well as the security measures against data loss and data misuse.

The following must be observed for the operation of computers in the network of Freie Universität:

• Only current operating systems that are provided with security updates by the manufacturer may be used. The regular implementation of these updates must be ensured.

• The application software used must be up to date and kept up to date by means of (security) updates; software requiring a license may only be installed and used with a valid license.

• IMPORTANT: A backup concept should exist to prevent data loss.

• Up-to-date security software should be used.

IMPORTANT: Guide to action "Secure IT workplace for scientific work"

the quarantine network

Computers whose operating system has been discontinued by the manufacturer must be disconnected from the network. However, these computers can continue to be operated in a quarantine network if justified and after consultation with IT Service. This also applies to control computers for certain devices that are operated disconnected from the outside world for security reasons.

In such a quarantine network, these computers can, for example, only be visible internally in the workgroup network. Also, (measurement) data can be transferred to a server drive, but other network connections are prevented.

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