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Datenbanken und Netzwerke

  • DAB e.V. (german version): DAB is the abreviation for „german female academics bond and as the name says it is an association from women for women in science. They are internationally connected, nonpartisan and non-confessional. Their aim is to support women, their factual equation and equality of rights at the political level, in their family and job. They are the contact for all academic areas. You can find a list of the connected organizations here (http://www.dab-ev.org/de/netzwerke/Netzwerke.php)
  • NUT e.V. (german version): Women working or studying in the areas of natural sciences and technology participate in this association. Feel welcome as well, if you’re coming from an adjacent subject. Their aim is to support and promote women, sensibilize for the contradictory contexts of living between the gender, pronounce feminist critic, promote environment- and social friendly alternatives, exchange information, interdisciplinary collaboration and to stand up for these aims in debates and public. 
  • AKCC (german version): The „working group for equal opportunities” is part of the GDCh (Society of german chemists). It stands for equal opportunities of women and men, the reconcilability of career and family and the promotion of girls.
  • /femconsult: This database is an offer sphere of operations of the centre for women in science and research CEWS of the GESIS - Leibniz-Institut for social sciences. It contains qualification profiles of female scientists of all disciplines in the german speaking area. You can independently create your account and like that be investigated. Further, they offer information about the topic recruitment of staff.
  • Kompetenzzentrum Technik-Diversity-Chancengleichheit e.V.: This competence centre offers the possibility enter and create new alliances, to develop actions and initiatives concerning socially relevant topics as gender equal jobs and career planning, digital integration, diversity management, reconcilability of career and family and more.
  • femdat.ch (german version): This is a platform, on which women and female academics look through job offers. It is also possible for interested to sign up to exchange with others and to be inquired.