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The various boards and committees within the Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy

The various boards and committees within the Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy

In accordance with the Berlin Higher Education Act (BerlHG), the department council appoints the education committee to provide support regarding education and training matters. While the law does not stipulate the specific number of members that must make up the education commission, half of them must be students.

Composition of members; Quorum

  • Members are nominated by the department council
  • One student member is chosen by the members of the education committee to act as chairperson
  • Each teaching unit (biochemistry, biology, chemistry, pharmacy) is represented by at least two students, one instructor, one researcher, as well as one alternate for each position (8/4/4)
  • Quorum: simple majority, but this must be comprised of at least four students and three members from other member groups, i.e., official decisions should involve as broad a variety of member groups as possible
  • Meetings always take place in the week before the department council convenes

Tasks of the Education Committee:

  • Act as an advisory board for all matters concerning studying and teaching at the Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy (proposed resolutions, position statements/recommendations)
  • Contribute to quality assurance sub-processes for studying and teaching
  • Provide statements on the topic of establishing, revising, or discontinuing degree programs
  • Provide advice on central questionnaires, support interdisciplinary aspects of decentralized evaluations, determine courses of action that may need to be taken
  • Take responsibility for questionnaires and evaluations with a focus on studying and teaching (with the support of the staff specialist for studying and teaching and/or the respective offices of academic affairs)
  • Deal with “tasks” from the departmental council and, where necessary, discuss issues and projects with the departmental council