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Education Commission of the Department Council

The education commission is to be established by the department council. Half of all members must be students. If you want to reach out to the education commission, please send an email to abk-bcp@lists.fu-berlin.de. (This is a moderated list. Therefore, all external mailings to the list are reviewed before being sent to members.)

Members of the Education Commission as of 23.11.2022


Prof. Dr. Helge Ewers (Biochemistry)
Prof. Dr. Beate Koksch (Chemistry)
Prof. Dr. Mitja Remus-Emsermann (Biology)
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Wolber (Pharmacy)

Scientific Staff

Dr. Jens Peter Fürste (Biochemistry)
Dr. Anette Kietzmann (Pharmacy)
Dr. Andreas Reinecke (Biology)
Dr. Wiebke Riedel (Chemistry)


Anna-Elisabeth Krumbein (Biology)
Daniel Wewer (Biology)
Lukas Fitz (Pharmacy)
Lea Mader (Pharmacy)
Marius Göbel (Chemistry)
Imad Chahrour (Chemistry)
Paula Leupold (Biochemistry)
Leonhard Pfänder (Vorsitzender, Biochemistry)



Prof. Dr. Florian Heyd (Biochemistry)
Prof. Dr. Burkhard Kleuser (Pharmacy)
Prof. Dr. Ursula Koch (Biology)
Prof. Dr. Christoph Schalley (Chemistry)

Scientific Staff

Dr. Dirk Mikolajewski (Biology)
Dr. Rainer Kickbusch (Chemistry)
Dr. Paul-Markus Müller (Biochemistry)
Dr. Ingo Siebenbrodt (Pharmacy)


Adrian Lanzenstiel (Biology)
Tim Neumann (Pharmacy)
Odylon Fiedler (Chemistry)
Jane Holst (Chemistry und Biochemistry)
Varvara Plotnikova (Biochemistry)

The Education Commission of the Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy is supported by working groups that are responsible for disciplines of the department:

Working Group Biology

Working Group Biochemistry

Working Group Chemistry

Working Group Pharmacy