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All courses of all study programs of the institute may be evaluated. We use a software called "UNIZENSUS" which is provided by the company "blubbsoft". The software is using a web portal which provides online questionaires for the courses. To answer the questions a TOKEN is needed which is valid only for one single course and only for one single rating. There are two different ways to hand out a TOKEN to the students:

  • They may have a small piece of paper with the TOKEN. In this case please ask the evaluation assistants for the required number of TOKENs. Please use this form for your request! The TOKENs are delivered as a pdf-File. Please print this file and cut the DIN-a-4 sheets into the single TOKENs. Then hand out the TOKENs to the students.
  • They may have an e-mail with a TOKENLINK. In this case please deliver the e-mail-adresses of the students to the evaluation assistants. Please use this form for your request! They will arrange that the software will send e-mails to the students with the TOKENLINK. The students only have to follow the TOKENLINK and will the find themselves on the correct questionaire. Nobody has to cut paper sheets into small pieces, nobody can loose small pieces of paper and students who are reading the mail are just sitting in front of a computer ready to fill out the form. If your course is managed by the "Campus Management" it is very easy to get the mail-adresses. At your course you will find a button "Send a mail to the students". If you click it you will see the mail-adresses.

The set of questions in a questionaire depends on the course type found in the course catalog. You may have a look at the preview of the questionaire of your course in the web portal. Please contact the competent evaluation assistant if you cannot find your course or if the questionaire does not fit. Please consider that there is only a predefined set of questionaires. It is very important that you find the correct lecturer in the web portal. If not TOKENs and the report will be send to somebody else! It is possible to have more than one lecturer for one single course.

When all courses are finished you will get a report of the evaluation of your courses as a pdf-file. This pdf-file can only be sent to one single mail address. This means that it is not possible to send the TOKENs to one adress and the report to another address. In the report you will find all data proper processed, for example with average values of questions asking numerical values.