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Phosphorus Chemistry and Homogeneous Catalysis

Keywords: Low-Coordinating Phosphorus Compounds · Phosphorus-Heterocycles · Organometallic Chemistry · Coordiantionchemistry ·  Molecular Materials · Homogeneous Catalysis ·Nanoparticles · Silicon Chemistry · Molecular Weight Enhanced Catalyst and Membran Filtrations


General Informations:

Our research is focused in the area of low-coordinated phosphorus compounds, their design, synthesis and coordiantion chemistry targeting new homogeneous catalysts and molecular materials. Common methods used in our group include Schlenk-techniques, microwave reactions, single crystal diffration, spectroscopical methods (NMR, UC, IR, CD, fluorescence), mass spectrometry and cyclic voltammetry. Cataytical reactions are performed in autoclaves and the reactions process can be monitored by MFC and PC (still at TU/e). Carbon monoxide and hydrogen concentratins can be measured as well. Additionaly, (chiral) GC and (chiral) HPLC (analytical and praeparative) are used. Quantumchemical calculations are used to determine the electronic structure of new ligand systems and metal complexes in comparison to their nitrogen analogon.


Cooperation Partners


Prof. Dieter Vogt (TU/e, NL):

Homogeneous catalysis.


Prof. Muriel Hissler (CNRS Rennes, F):

Phosphorus-containing molecular devices.


Prof. Alceo Macchioni (Perugia, I):

Water-oxidation with phosphinine-Iridium complexes.


Dr. Zoraida Freixa (San Sebastián, E):

Cyclometalated Ir-complexes.


Dr. Cyril Godard (Tarragona, E):

Phosphinine-stabilized nanoparticles.


Dr. Evgeny Pidko (TU/e, NL):

Computational chemistry on phosphinines/metal complexes.


Dr. Nicolas Mézailles, Ecóle Polytechnique, Palaiseau (F):

Functionalized phosphabarrelenes.


Prof. Paul Pringle (Bristol, UK):

PH3 as phosphorus-precursor for the synthesis of phosphinines.


Prof. Carmen Claver/Prof. Sergio Castillón (Tarragona, E):

Asymmetric hydroformylations.


Prof. P.W.N.M. van Leeuwen (ICIQ, Tarragona, E):

Supramolecular catalyst assemblies.


Prof. Robert Wolf (Regensburg, D):

Coordination chemistry of phosphinines.