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Dietrich Haase



Professor Dr. emeritus

Physical & Theoretical Chemistry

haase (at) chemie.fu-berlin.de

Frühere Forschungsgebiete der Arbeitsgruppe Haase (Prof. Haase ist im Ruhestand)

Research Interests

  • Molecular Physics
  • Mathematical Methods in Chemistry


Specific Research Topics

  • Algebraic and quantum theoretical description of molecular properties, e.g., vibrational frequencies, electric dipole moments, polarizabilities
  • Additivity rules of chemistry and their generalizations
  • "Natural" molecular coordinates
  • Relations between cluster properties and number theory

Selected Recent Publications

  • D. Haase, H. Stachel: Almost-orthonormal vector systems.
    Beitr. Algebra Geom. (Contr. Algebra Geom.) 37 (1996) 367
  • D. Haase, C. Krumrey: Estimation of fundamental frequencies of perhalogenated ethylenes in terms of molecular fragment contributions.
    J. Chem. Phys. 104 (1996) 6435
  • D. Haase: Cluster expansion of molecular tensor properties: electric dipole moments of methane derivatives.
    Chem. Phys. 161 (1991) 403
  • D. Haase, A. Hildebrand: Successive divisor sums.
    Amer. Math. Monthly 98 (1991) 273