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Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chemistry Education

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Claus Bolte

Chemistry Didactics

Chemistry Didactics
Image Credit: FU Berlin

Takustr. 3
14195 Berlin

Research Topics

The research topics of the Chemistry Education Division are the relationship between Chemistry as a subject and general education, the role of teaching and learning environments in science subjects and the development of concepts for chemistry education

Research Group



Prof. Dr. Claus Bolte
Phone +49 30 838 56709
Fax +49 30 838 55919
e-Mail bolte@chemie.fu-berlin.de


Mrs. Anke Ayvasky
Phone +49 30 838 56708
Fax +49 30 838 55919
e-Mail aayvasky@chemie.fu-berlin.de