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Steffen Schulz

Diploma student / student teacher

until July 2008

Diploma Thesis:
Role of FoxP2 in proliferation and neurogenesis in the ventricular zone of zebra finches, an area delivering newly born neurons to the song nuclei Area X


Since August 2008:

PhD student in the research group Zoltan Gerevich „Purinergic Signaling“ (http://neurophysiologie.charite.de/en/research/research_groups/rg_gerevich/) at the Charité Berlin, Germany, Institute of Neurophysiology (Prof. Dr. Uwe Heinemann).

Homepage:  http://neurophysiologie.charite.de/en/

Influence of ATP receptors and other purinergic receptors on the activity
of neuronal networks of the rodent hippocampus; plasticity; pharmacology

E-Mail:         steffen.schulz(at)charite.de